Juliette dreams of getting away from it all. This is good timing since she will soon need to visit the Republic of Korea for an important work meeting at her company’s local offices. She visits the city clerk’s office to renew her passport. They take her photo, fingerprints and a specimen signature – unique elements which will be used in the future to prove her identity.



Juliette collects her new passport. Using LASINK™ technology, her laser engraved color photo is now tamper-proof and easily authenticated. She sets off tomorrow…

Friday 7.45am


Juliette passes through the security gates at Seoul airport. Her fingerprints are taken and the data stored on her passport’s smart card is read in just a few seconds.

Friday 8am


Having come through security, Juliette needs to rent a vehicle. She presents her passport at the rental agency counter and it is automatically verified using LASINK™ via a smartphone app allowing her to sign her contract on a digital screen. Authentication is instant, without the need for unnecessary paperwork!

Friday 9am


Juliette is late for her meeting, which affects her driving. Pulled over by the police, she produces her electronic driving license. The document’s smartcard contains all the data required to identify her. The officer proves understanding – this time…

Friday 9.30am

To warn the office she will be late, Juliette sends an encrypted email to her colleagues via the company’s messaging service. If it is hacked, the message will be undecipherable, keeping its content and the identity of its recipients confidential.

Friday 9.45am

authentification_7Juliette finally reaches her destination. She parks her vehicle in the company parking lot, accessible using her company badge whose smartcard contains all the information associated with her professional profile, including history, access permissions, etc.

Friday 9.54am

authentification_8To enter the company’s building, she passes through a scanner which takes an image of her face. Juliette knows she’s nearly there when she uses her badge to locate the meeting room on a digital terminal.

Friday 12.15pm


The meeting is almost over. Juliette connects to her favorite airline app to book her return flight. The payment is confirmed by the fingerprint reader on her smartphone. Now it’s time to get home!