Imagine if you could create your payment card in real time…

A solution allowing you to create and receive your payment card directly in record time – that is the principle of the Smart Instant Issuance service from OT. A machine can take your photo and scan your fingerprints and identity card. Users can even select the PIN of their choice. This has a wide range of uses, from creating student cards on the first day of the new semester, payment cards in airports, credit cards in a shopping mall, etc.

“This allows banks to offer their services from their branches or beyond, in close proximity to their customers. Users now expect instant results, so being able to leave after a few minutes with a card is very popular, as we have seen in England at Roehampton University and Bath Spa University, where our client was able to invite students to create an ‘all-in-one’ student card, ” explains Amaanie Hakim, Head of Smart Services for OT’s Financial Services Institutions business.

 … and receive your PIN on leaving your branch

Today, when you collect your new payment card from your branch, you need to wait a few days before receiving your PIN by post. This takes a long time, is not very environmentally friendly and above all not particularly secure. With its patented SMART PIN service, OT now allows banks to digitize the issuing of PINs to end-users. Customers receive their code on their mobile, meaning the card is activated much more quickly. By submitting a request via the bank’s website or a mobile app, customers can also retrieve their PIN in just a few minutes if they forget it. This smart service improves the quality of service offered by banks to their customers, as well as for major retailers, which can issue credit cards in-store to allow consumers to use them almost instantly. CA Consumer Finance, which notably operates in France under the Sofinco brand, is the first credit institution to offer its partners and their customers a card which can be activated in a few minutes, in total security.

“SMART PIN significantly simplifies the customer experience. We can help banks to reduce their logistics costs and above all increase security in the distribution of payment cards. This security is now vital to support cardholders’ mobility”.

With the increasing digitalization of our environment, it is a safe bet that all services relating to smartcards will be digitized before long. For example, terms and conditions and accompanying letters traditionally sent out by our bank by post will soon be available on our smartphones.