The smartphone is the ultimate symbol of this mobility. It is now the number one screen consulted, ahead of television.  Individuals around the world spend an average of 147 minutes a day looking at their phones (according to a survey by Millward Brown conducted in 30 countries in 2013). In a few years, from being simply communications devices , smartphones have become tools used for a range of daily tasks, from purchasing, to information, leisure, services, etc. Today a wide range of applications aimed at companies and individuals are appearing, with the aim not only of raising awareness of environmental issues, but also better managing daily energy consumption.  Here is a selection:

Responsible products from the industrial sector!

Making 2.0 is an app developed by Nike designed to help designers and creators of objects with their design processes – design which aims to be more responsible. The app lists the toxicity and environmental impact of many of the most commonly used materials and categorizes them according to several types of criteria: their chemical components, their energy consumption, their water consumption and the potential waste of materials involved in their production.

Wise Up on Waste (Unilever) offers restaurant professionals a chance to monitor their use of raw materials and eliminate waste, or at least reduce it by at least 20%. The app helps to identify failings in terms of organization and allocation of resources and provides a number of tips, tricks and guides for improving consumption and making savings.

REcycling or waste? 

iRecycle helps Americans find recycling points near where they live for all types of day-to-day objects, from paint to vehicle parts. A total of 240 objects just waiting to be recycled!

GoDriveGreen indicates the shortest and simplest route for drivers wanting to reduce their pollution as much as possible. Depending on your vehicle, the app generates a route and a maximum speed which are both environmentally friendly.

United Nations Environment Program Carbon Calculator calculates your carbon footprint, its impact on the planet’s different ecosystems and offers numerous tips for reducing energy consumption.

Eco-gestes from EDF presents a wide range of environmentally-friendly behavior to achieve energy savings in a fun way. For example, users have access to a personalized space allowing them to receive alerts tailored to their lifestyle.

Find out more about nature in order to preserve it

Arbor Day Tree Identification Guide, developed by a US association, lists more than 250 trees on the American continent. The app, aimed at nature lovers and hikers of all ages, allows you to locate trees, identify them and share their discovery on Twitter.

The Good Fish Guide is an app developed by the UK’s Marine Conversation Society, providing a wide range of information on various fish and conditions relating to fishing, transporting and conserving them and therefore their impact on our diet and health.

Home automation helping the planet 

With the Wiser Smart app from Schneider Electrics, users can control their electric heating, thermostats, power sockets and water tank from their smartphone. This allows them to measure and optimize their energy consumption, even remotely.

Parrot Flower Power is an app allowing you to connect to a wireless sensor of the same name. The sensor is placed in your plant pots or vegetable plot to diagnose plants’ needs, from soil humidity to light levels and temperature. The app sends personalized alerts and not only teaches you about the plant world but also gives you greener fingers.

The Nest Mobile app allows you to use your smartphone to connect to your Nest thermostat and remotely manage the temperature of your home, view your consumption log and receive an alert if carbon monoxide or smoke is detected in your home.