David - 1

On a project for his company, David is moving to a new country for a couple of months. To benefit from a local tariff plan, he goes to the local operator’s nearest shop to get a prepaid SIM card. He chooses his mobile number and his new SIM card is activated in a few minutes.



David - 2

While he is at the operator’s shop, he decides to buy the latest smartphone. Thanks to the multiSIM different form factors, David can easily adapt the size of his SIM to his smartphone.



David - 3

David needs to rent a car for his first weeks in the country. He receives the keys of the car directly on his smartphone and can pick it up without queuing at the rental desk.



David - 4

Once arrived at his flat, David initiates a synchronization from his mobile phone to save his contacts in its operator’s Cloud. He will never lose his contacts, even if his mobile phone is stolen!



David - 5

David calls his wife. The communication is really good thanks to the Voice over LTE service.



David - 6

Thanks to his new operator, David gets access to services and promotions tailored to the capabilities of his new smartphone and automatically reinstalls the compatible versions of his favorite applications.



David - 7

To go to the city center, David takes the subway thanks to his NFC transport smartphone application.



David - 8

David takes advantage of his free day to visit his new city. He uses his smartphone to pay for a sandwich at a food truck.



David - 9

David takes many pictures and videos. At the end of the afternoon, he synchronizes them securely on the Cloud to share with his family.



David - 10

David wants to surprise his wife in a couple of weeks. Thanks to his digital wallet, he books his flights online in a few clicks.



David - 11

David has received an sms from his son who cannot buy the ticket for the concert he wants to attend with his friends next week. He transfers him the necessary money directly from his mobile wallet.



David - 12

The flat rented by David’s company is equipped with the latest IoT technologies. Night is falling, the shutters are automatically closing and David can control the lights directly from his smartphone.