It’s time to leave for work. It’s the beginning of the month. On the way to take the subway, Paloma renews her and her kids’ travel passes on her smartphone. She validates payment with the fingerprint scanner on her smartphone. Thanks to the Secure Element – embedded in her phone, she knows that her payments are perfectly secure.



Before she gets to work, Paloma stops by a bakery like she does every morning for a coffee and a pastry. No cash? No problem. Her digital wallet lets her make contactless payments with her cell.



On her way to work, Paloma makes good use of her time by doing some online shopping. She pays with her OT MOTION CODE™ card. With its dynamic security cryptogram that regularly changes, she has nothing to worry about and can make her online purchases securely, without changing the way she does things.



At the restaurant, Paloma pays for her salad with her bank card. And yet, the bill won’t be debited from her account but from her restaurant vouchers account. Her multi-application card allows her to manage several accounts with a single card.



Now she’s at the gym. On her smart watch, Paloma tracks her performance over time. She can also use its contactless payment feature to buy a bottle of water from the vending machine.



Tonight is pizza night at Paloma’s place, with her best friend Laura. When time comes to pay, there’s no need to look for her check book or cash: the delivery guy uses his phone as a contactless payment terminal. Paloma pays with her NFC smartphone. To split the bill, the two friends tap their smartphones to transfer the funds.



Movie night. Paloma uses her smartphone to purchase the latest episode of her favorite show. The cost will automatically be added to her Internet provider bill.



It’s time to treat herself and take advantage of the sales to revamp her wardrobe. On her favourite online retail website she no longer needs to enter all of her payment card details to confirm her transaction: she pays with a single click using her digital wallet.